1. Do you have unwanted odors in your home or at work?

A large number of contaminants can create undesirable odors as described below.  They continue to grow and migrate from room to room.  Until recently, many odors would not go away unless you removed the effected material from your home.  New technology now allows O2 Wizard to temporarily remove the oxygen from a space or structure for a period of time (usually between 8 - 48 hours), thereby sanitizing the area by killing the unwanted living organisms, without destroying its contents.  The oxygen returns, within minutes, after opening the space, but the new air is the healthiest you will have experienced.  It’s a simple, noninvasive, environmentally safe process.  This “Green” process is so pure, it leaves your home decontaminated and deodorized and smelling like you were standing at a country waterfall.