8. Do you use scented air fresheners, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, ozone machines or other methods of purifying your home air to eliminate odors?

These devices can only keep the problem at bay, or mask them, but will never fix the problem.  Ozone units (where you can be present when they are in use), are actually an irritant to the lungs and should not be run while people and animals are present.  In many cases, people do not realize when they use these devises to rid a place of unwanted odors from a host of culprits.  Shoe and clothing odors; stale tobacco smells; fire/smoke damaged material; soured or spoiled food, and vacuums are common odor holders.  Our experienced technicians can usually determine what and where the odors originate.  Our new EPA approved Patent Pending technology eliminates all indoor living contaminants, thereby removing the unwanted odors, once and for all.