9. Would you like to decontaminate & deodorize your A/C ducts, furniture, carpet, beds, exhaust fans and vents?

O2 Wizard’s environmentally safe process will decontaminate all of your furnishings, while penetrating into your a/c unit’s supply and return systems, ridding them of unwanted mold.  Carpet and furniture also acts as a holding area for odors, pollutants, pesticides and fungi that contaminate your air quality.  New kitchen counters and cabinets; carpet, adhesives, and carpet padding; can also emit volatile compounds and formaldehyde that has been noted, by the EPA, to cause eye, nose and throat irritation; headaches; skin irritations; shortness of breath or cough; as well as fatigue.  Poor indoor air can make all these conditions worse.  They are also found in RV’s, boats and cars.  Our service is the closest thing to dry purification your home, vehicle or business by an environmentally safe process.