What collects on
your filter
Also collects in
your lungs.

Are theresigns
of moldCirculating
through your home.

Do you see mold
growth around
your window?

Painting over mold
can cause peeling,
bubbling, cracking,
chipping, loosening
or discoloring.

Grout and caulking
can show signs by
pulling away,
shrinking, cracking
or discoloring.

Causes besides Mold.

Aerobic or Living Organisms

Musty – or old building smell is very dangerous (from mold)

Pollen – from plants & trees.

Dust –dust can come from human & animal skin cells, hairs, textile or paper fibers; and other materials that can feed mold growth.

Dust mites – 40,000 species - your bed can have a whole eco-system.

Bacteria – from people, pets, pests or food. sour or bad odors & sewage back up.

Death (odors) & decomposition – the odor comes from things that die.

Microbial growth - Alternaria. Aspergillus, Chaetomium, Cladosporium,  Staphylococcus, Penicillium, Stachybotrys, E. coli, yeasts & many more.

Pet accidents & bug droppings – pests, rodents and animals leave behind bacteria & viruses in their excrement.

Viruses, MRSA & locker-room odor

Mold-Mildew-Fungi – dust and/or odd spots of various colors and textures.

Anaerobic or Non-living Organisms

Volatile organic compounds - chemicals that are released into the air including foggers and bombs.

Formaldehyde – in building materials, pressed-wood products, glues, adhesives; permanent-press fabrics, paper product coatings, & insulation.

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O2 Wizard Units for every application
Clean, Swift, non-Invasive

Off gassing – in flooring, carpeting, cabinetry, furniture, paint, & more household goods.

Benzene – highly used chemical in U.S. - in plastics, resins, synthetic fibers, rubber, dyes, detergents, drugs, gasoline, cigarettes & more. High contributor to Cancer.

Decaying roach carcasses – asthma causers.

Smoke – fires & tobacco products.

Cigarettes – Most contain benzene, gun powder (to burn faster) and a load of toxic chemicals. Ask us about chemical free & non-addictive cigs.
UV lights, Ozinators & air purifiers – some produce Nitrogen Oxides or house pollutants. (UV lights on HVAC systems don’t kill mold throughout a home)

Sulphur – rotten eggs smell including in Chinese drywall.

Petroleum – sporting equipment, plastic, rubber, upholstery, food preservatives, dyes, wax candles, insecticides & more

Pesticide residue

Meth house

Even with full renovation (removing walls, flooring, ceiling, etc.), contaminants and chemicals can linger in the air, HVAC (A/C), ductwork, cloths, furniture, books & more. You can move it with you. O2 Wizard is THE BEST in the industry since we kill and neutralize these indoor pollutants throughout 99% of the structure, its contents, the A/C, ductwork and between walls. Your place is left with a SUPER CLEAN SMELL with the healthiest air you can breathe.

This service is extremely cost effective on many levels. We eliminate the need for most renovations and throwing out furnishings as long as we catch it before structure damage occurs. Home Owners - contact us for a free evaluation in Volusia County. Healthy indoor Air Quality is one of the greatest upgrades you can make to your home or business. Invest in your family’s good health!

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