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Business Opportunity
Do you feel there is a need for this service in your area? As you visit commercial and residential building, look and smell for mold and odors. (Masking odors with air fresheners is a sign!)

This educational website will give you much insight, especially these pages:
'Home', 'Health Quiz' and 'How you got mold'.
This complete turn-key business system includes:

* Extensive Training & Protected Territory
* How to build your business
* 3 Machines, with manual & ongoing support & no maintenance
* Average job takes 1 - 3 hours
* Equipment is patented technology designed at NASA & fits in most cars
* Eliminates many costly renovations
* Create Organic Healthy Homes (without chemicals)
* Help those that are Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired
* Home based business (world wide) with flexible hours
* EPA states: 50% of U.S. homes have SBS (Sick Building Syndrome)
* 1/3 of homes have had water intrusion and will eventually get SBS
* Most jobs are nice homes with SBS (a building that makes people sick)
* Technology works so well, customers are offered a money back guarantee
*Financing available to those that qualify.

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Mr. & Mrs. Mold & Mildew

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Kimi & Kenny Ayers, "Mr. & Mrs. Mold &; Mildew", Indoor Air Quality Experts
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