Save Your Catch Keeps both bait and your catch FRESH, VIBRANT, AND ACTIVE By sanitizing, disinfecting and increasing the oxygen in the water!

Save Your Catch was developed for bait and catch wells in fishing boats. This particular device continuously sanitizes the water providing a steady supply of increased oxygen to both the bait and catch wells in Pleasure Boats, and Sports Fishing Boats.

What kill fish is bacteria in the water from the fish continuously excreting (or pooping) in the water. While this device disinfects and neutralizes the bacteria, it also increases the level of oxygen in the water boosting the activity of the live bait and the fish you have landed. 

As you know, in tournament or contest fishing, if the fish dies, you lose weight on the scale. If the fish is dying and not active, it will decrease its weight by an ounce of two. Sometimes that is all it takes to lose out on a Championship Prize or Trophy.

Several Fishing Champions have used this device for years and reported their fish remain healthy, active and alive.


Sizes available:

Small – for bucket

Medium – for coolers


Extra large – for 2 live wells

Custom designs for fleets or individuals available upon request!

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