What collects on
your filter
Also collects in
your lungs.

Are theresigns
of moldCirculating
through your home.

Do you see mold
growth around
your window?

Painting over mold
can cause peeling,
bubbling, cracking,
chipping, loosening
or discoloring.

How much mold and toxins are in you?

1. An average person has 20 lbs. of unwanted living organisms in their body.

a. Not you, you are in tip top shape!
b. You can see this may apply to you
c. Wow, this can explain your weight and health problems

* Mold, bacteria, infection, yeast and other internal toxic organisms can settle in any part of your body, mutate and turn healthy cells into disease or growths. Mold is often starting point of most health and weight issues. Mold often slows down Liver and Kidney function. (Antibiotics are not a solution for mold.) Are you simply sick & tired of being sick & tired?

2. Mentally, how do you feel...
a. Sharp as a tack
b. Becoming foggy and some difficulty with focus
c. You know your mind is not the same is it use to be.

* Is concentrating at work, in the classroom or conversing with others seems to becoming a struggle? Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a building that make you sick. Inhaling SBS's Mycotoxins can cross directly from your sinuses into your brain. It can even make you more irritable.

3. How's your breathing and sleeping?
a. Clear breathing - you sleep quietly through out the night
b. Some congestion in the nose and/or throat or snoring
c. Your lungs feel congestion - you deal with loss of sleep, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, sleep apnea, etc.

* Look at your A/C filter and see what SBS is infiltrating your Body. Lungs can house so much mucous, also known a mold, in your lungs to the point they feel congested. When mold is removed from the lungs, breathing feels lighter and respiratory issues can ease up. It is an awesome feeling!

4. How's your weight?
a. You can maintain it pretty well
b. It is a bit of a struggle but manageable
c. There is a force more powerful than you controlling my weight & I do not know why.

* Mold and mucous in your system interferes with your body absorbing vital nutrients. Mold (and Candida) controls your appetite! It loves to eat white foods: breads, sugars and pastas. It can make you hungrier causing weight gain and becoming less motivated. It can reek havoc on your digestive system. Eventually, it can cause your body to waste away.

5. How is your skin from the top of your head to the tips of your toes?
a. Everything looks normal
b. Wondering why you have developed disorders/ discolorations in your nails or skin
c. You have long term and increased swelling, wounds and skin blemishes

* SBS, infection, fungus, yeast and other internal toxic can ferment inside like bread rising. Aging is accelerated when you are toxic.

6. Feel like you get enough sleep?
a. With 6 - 8 hours of sleep, you feel good
b. With 8 - 10 hours, you can function
c. Even with 10+ hours, you want to know why you still feel tired

* Your loved ones wonder what is wrong with you - like you choose these circumstances. Women are often more susceptible for 4 reasons. Men are the stronger sex when resisting SBS's harmful effects. Hormones and birth-control create more sensitivity. Higher exposure comes from cleaning since you are stirring up dust that is quite often mold. Family members (children too) that stay home more have higher exposure to SBS. Loved ones may not understand that the organisms you have been exposed to over the years continue to grow throughout your body.

7. What color is your blood? Is it...
a. A healthy bright red
b. Toxic maroon
c. Zombie Hershey's syrup

* The blood carries most of your body's diseases. The blood receives healthy (or toxic) oxygen through your lungs. Contaminants invading your blood are like water or sugar in a vehicles gas tank. They pollute and bog up your system. (I use to wonder why my blood was so dark.) How much sickness is passed to others in blood donations and even to fetuses?

8. How's your face?
a. Nice and even
b. Getting puffy eyes from mold starting to attack your sinuses?
c. Getting a lumpy uneven face from inhaling SBS?
(View pictures of your self from 10 years ago.)

* SBS affects your energy, mood, and most importantly, lowers your immune system allowing you to stay on the edge of sickness. No pills fix poor indoor air quality - most of what you do not see or smell.

9. How does your body feel?
a. You can move around easily
b. Some times you feel a little stiff, nauseous or dizzy
c. "Got a crane to get me up?"

* Pain, inflammation, loss of strength/ function, arthritis, headaches, thinning hair, easily chilled, imbalance or unexplained aches and symptoms are often from SBS attacking your body. Quite often a cold is actually mold/mucous attacking your system. Mold and SBS are capable of causing cancer, central nervous system disorders, depression, heart issue, organ damage, dizziness, ear aches, respiratory failure, allergies, asthma, M.S., Alzheimer's, birth defects and much more. Put (cover up) fragrances away to smell what is growing in your home, business or in you.

10. How well does your body process food? Do you have...
a. A little or no indigestion
b. A need for antacids or Digestive Enzymes for food sensitivities
c. Developed severe food reactions like acid reflux, Diabetes and more serious digestive issues

* There are usually several influences that create digestive issues starting with SBS toxins, then food & excess medication toxins and chemical sensitivities. Your system can get overloaded.

11. After reading 'How You Got Mold' in your home at o2wizard.com, have you ever lived in an environment where some of those situations have applied to your life?
a. No, can't think of any
b. Maybe a short time
c. I believe I've lived with SBS for too may years

12. After reading '200 Mold Illnesses' at o2wizard.com, do they apply to your life?

a. 1 - 5 apply to my life
b. 6 - 10 apply
c. 10 + apply In Closing...

Three or more b or c's in the questions above indicates SBS is very likely living inside you. God designed your body to heal. But how do you really help it? Changing toxic air into truly HEALTHY SUPER OXYGENATED AIR is the KEY FACTOR. Your body needs plenty of CLEAN oxygen to clean itself out.

For more compromised systems, we can make suggestions for effectively removing
toxins from your body that go hand in hand with our service. Ask us for details.

Your Indoor Air Quality Specialists use the latest technology (without chemicals) to destroy mold, odors, pests and others toxins in about a day, Guaranteed!

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