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to destroy odors.

Most odors are microscopic chemicals or living organisms floating in the air, in the HVAC (A/C), on surfaces (ceiling to floor), and trapped in furnishings and clothes. Fragrance masking compounds the problem since it can become an irritant for 1/3 of the population. O2 Wizard's revolutionary technology is effective on dozens of the toughest odors. It is THE BEST method for odor elimination and deodorizing 99% of a structure.

Cigarette smoke Animal odors Musty odors Off gassing
Sewage odors Meth house Death odors Gangrene
Cooking odors Chemicals Fire damage Fish odor
Viruses Bathroom smells Nitrogen oxide Food odors
Marijuana Garlic Mold Paint odors
Sulfur sheetrock Garbage odors Bacteria Poultry odors
Dead animals Gasoline Pollens Carbon monoxide
Benzene Hospital odors Mildew Fungi
Aged manuscripts Acrylic acid Pesticides Propane
Decaying odors Formaldehyde Fertilizer Tetrachloride
Lactic acid Adhesive gases Moth balls Furniture odors
Ammonia Coal smoke Benzene Rancid oils
Diesel fumes Carbolic acid Asphalt fumes Carpet odors
Lubricating oils Alcohol Naphtha Roach droppings
Combustion Ethyl alcohol Body Odor Resins
Microbial growth Anesthetics Sewer gases Charred materials
Medicinal odors Flood odors Nicotine Burnt food
Menthol Decomposition Curry Toluene
New car smell Exhaust fumes Kerosene Germs
Onions Creosote Butane Algae
Crime scene Ether Chinese drywall  
Fecal odors Pollutants Sick building And More!

Many people tried to eliminate odors by cleaning, air purifiers, tearing out, sealing with varnish, cleaning with chemicals, etc. Unfortunately, the unknown source is still present and odors resurface.

The O2 Wizard’s Odor Elimination process demonstrates how far our proven technology has come. Now, Odors from these and other difficult situations are easily destroyed with our environmental air sanitization service. The infection exposure of these situations is also neutralized. A buildings structure, home furnishings and cloth tainted with odor, in most cases, can now be saved.

One notable and common odor problem is the formaldehyde odor found predominantly in RECREATIONAL VEHICLES, MOBILE HOMES, PORTABLES and Modular's. These odors used to be treated by masking the odor with a series of deodorizers, but the smell would never leave. Our treatment removes odors permanently.

Another example is Automotive Interiors. Detailers are always battling interior odors, and that “new car smell” spray only lasts so long... with O2 Wizard the odor is gone.

Note: If a solid, crystalized or oily residue is present, we may only be able to get rid of 75 - 95% of the odor in extreme or severe situations as in fish parts are still present, several male cats spraying, or brown nicotine from years of heavy smoking. However, we do kill the toxic fumes (that make people feel sick) to make it safe to be in the place. We can let you know during the consultation if more steps may need to be done. Fortunately, mold and mildew are the easiest things for us to kill.

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