O2 Wizard asks; What kind of environment do You live in?
(20 Questions with answers)

1. Do you have unwanted odors in your home or at work?

2. Have you ever had any spills, leaks or water damage, in your house or office?

3. Have you experienced: sluggishness, eyes that tear or itch, sore throat, headaches, trouble breathing, or feel that you’ve been exposed to sick building syndrome (SBS)?

4. Do you prepare food at home or in a restaurant and like to improve its freshness while eliminating mold, salmonella, Listeria, Escherichia Coli and other bacteria?

5. Do you clean your home with bleach, to remove mold stains?

6. Have you ever seen indoor mold on food, or in your shower?

7. Are you exposed to droppings from birds, roaches, mice, bats or any other rodents?

8. Do you use scented air fresheners, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, ozone machines or other methods of purifying your home air to eliminate odors?

9. Would you like to decontaminate & deodorize your A/C ducts, furniture, carpet, beds, exhaust fans and vents?

10. Do you or your family spend time working in a medical office, clinic, hospital or an EMS vehicle, thereby exposing yourself to blood, viruses, flu, diseases, MRSA/Mersa or other (potentially deadly) infectious diseases and contaminants?

11. Do you have small children or animals you would like to keep healthier at home or Day Care Centers?

12. Do you shop (online or in retail stores) or go antiquing?

13. Have you moved into a home that has been vacant or had any of your items in storage?

14. Do your pillows get heavy over time?

15. Would you like to live or work in a healthier GREEN environment?

16. Do you have rashes or wounds that will not heal or trouble with itching?

17. Do you live in a humid climate, like Florida?

18. Do your cloths smell sour from being left in the washing machine over night?

19. Would you like to make your vehicle to smell clean and new?

20. Do you suffer from?

Athlete’s foot
High Blood Pressure
Candida (Yeast)
Heart disease
Low energy
Lower immune system
Memory loss
Mold in lungs or spine
Reoccurring infections
Respiratory problems
Skin, nose throat Irritation
Throat irritation

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