Tenant has air quality issues? Landlords benefits of fixing it - and in a day!
O2 Wizard’s technology has successfully resolved these issues for over 100 clients for typically less than a months rent.

If a rental smells

  • It is more difficult to rent
  • You often need to drop the price so it does not sit empty
  • Potential residents associate bad odor with a dirty home

Advantages to treating your rental property

  • Mold, bacteria and Sick Building Syndrome slowly erodes a homes structure, appliances and HVAC system. Rust and corrosion are a form of mold.
  • Fast resolutions to problems, usually within a week
  • Once your rental is treated, you can advertise it as a healthy home for the next tenant
  • You can often get greater rent for a place that FEELS healthier
  • The description will intrigue potential tenants to call YOUR ad
  • Too many people battle health issues today. People would prefer a healthy home. This will be a big draw.
  • Better tenants retention when they learn first hand a healthier home means a healthier family
  • Save advertising money looking for a new tenant
  • It helps reduce bugs in a home
  • Make a friend, not an enemy – a good reputation applies to rentals and landlords. You draw better tenants through good referrals.
  • Resolve issues effectively, promptly and economically

Why rental property is at a higher risk for sick building syndrome issues

  • They sit empty and often without the air running
  • If any past tenants have moved in with moldy possessions, it infests a home.
  • Considering half the homes in the US have SBS, especially in humid Florida, the chances of a tenant moving from another a previous contaminated rental is highly likely.

Issues often avoided

  • Be Pro-Active vs. reactive with an unhappy tenant
  • No retention of rent (Held in escrow)
  • Avoid legal issues - Courts favor the tenant (Especially courts with a Jury Trial)
  • Loss of income searching for a new tenant
  • Sick tenants miss more work and have more trouble paying their bills

“Fix the problem and not the blame”

O2 Wizard is Your Indoor Air Quality Solution.
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