What collects on
your filter
Also collects in
your lungs.

Are theresigns
of moldCirculating
through your home.

Do you see mold
growth around
your window?

Painting over mold
can cause peeling,
bubbling, cracking,
chipping, loosening
or discoloring.

Grout and caulking
can show signs by
pulling away,
shrinking, cracking
or discoloring.

Mold, Home Contaminants and Poor Indoor Air Quality are a Matter of Life or Death!

O2 Wizard uses THE BEST TECHNOLOGY for truly killing the core root of mold, mildew, viruses, odors, dust mites, and dozens of poisonous contaminants! Our one-of-a-kind service removes the oxygen and suffocates living organisms in about a day without the use of bombs, foggers, or other toxic chemicals.

Plus our Patented technology, designed for NASA, helps 200 health issues! O2 Wizard has successfully treated government agencies; schools; historic buildings; museums, and thousands of residential homes & condos for countless happy clients.

Our Services Menu:
* Sick Building Syndrome
- A home that makes you sick. Sometimes it’s just mold. Usually it is much more.
* Mold remediationsmall areas to entire homes, businesses, possessions, and more.
* Water/moisture issues - 40% of homes have experienced water intrusion or excess humidity in numerous ways. Mold & mildew can occur in weeks or years later.
* Odors: Including musty, smoke, pet accidents, decomposition, sewage back up, formaldehyde (in building materials), Sulphur, meth, nitrogen oxides (in some A/C - UV lights & air purifiers), and more including in the A/C, ducts, clothes and furnishings. We fix what others miss – most with a one-time service.
* Extreme cleans – Our experienced crew do amazing work with the filthiest places.
* Renovation – Our associates handle small jobs to full remodels.

As loss prevention specialist, we have collectively saved property owners over $35 million in renovation costs, furniture and loss of personal items.

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Mr. & Mrs. Mold & Mildew

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O2 Wizard Units for every application
Clean, Swift, non-Invasive

O2 Wizard's impressive process stands out due to the fact it is NOT a temporary fix, but a real cure to re-establish healthy air throughout the entire structure. Mold & Bacteria slowly devour bodies and homes in the same manner it decays fresh produce. In fact, mold is so invasive, it will eat into concrete. Invisible Mold and Bacteria growing in your home can contribute to a large percentage of the most common (and often deadly) health issues.

If you want to know what is living in your home and attaching to your lungs, look at what is attaching itself to your A/C filter. We have listened to tragic stories on how destructive mold has caused death to loved ones. It happened to Ed McMann's family & Actress Brittany Murphy as well as my Grandfather and best friend. That is why we have a passion for helping you. Do not allow your family to live with these silent and deadly predators.

O2 Wizard's environmentally safe process decontaminates the ducts, A/C and behind the walls. The super oxygenated air is the healthiest that you will experience. You may find all this too good to be true. We are one of the longest established mold companies in the area with an outstanding reputation. That is why we are the only Money Back Guaranteed Service.

The EPA reports:
Indoor air quality is the #1 environmental health problem in the US. Over 50% of homes are "Sick" due to hazardous airborne pollutants. 20% of all employees have major illnesses related to indoor air pollutants.

American College of Allergen reports:
50% of all illness is aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air.

Scientific America reports:
Babies (and pets) crawling on the floor inhale the equivalent of 4 cigarettes a day, as a result of the out-gassing of carpets, mold, mildew, fungi, dust mites, etc.

Home contaminants create stress among some family members not fully understanding the severe reactions of their loved ones. Some people get use to the smells in their home, office or vehicle and do not recognize the escalating issues. For others, health issues can eventually become irreversible. Mold and bacteria are microscopic, poisonous mycotoxins that attack: organs, blood, sinuses, lungs, digestive system, brain, joints, skin, eyes, emotions and other system of your body. Asthma is the one of the top reasons children go to the emergency room. Mold slows down medical treatments; causes time off work; loss of energy; insomnia; depression and shortens your life. Then your immune system is weaker, you become even more vulnerable to chronic physical and emotional problems. Life threatening health issues can accelerate over time. If you have health issues starting, it maybe time for you to take action! See the list on our websites button titled "200 Mold Illness A-Z".

A little known fact is mold and sick building syndrome (SBS) more often develops from numerous sources over several years. Many problems today originally sprouted years ago. Moisture intrusion can speed up the problems. Other sources we resolve are gases from formaldehyde in new carpeting and mobile homes or Benzene or Benzol. This is one of the 20 most used chemicals in the US and is an irritant and a cancer causing agent. It is found in rubber, detergents, dyes, pesticides, cigarette residue, shoes and more. Its effects include anemia; drowsiness; sleeplessness; headaches; low white blood cell count; reproductive organs; dizziness; changes in bone marrow; tremors; confusion; unconsciousness and death.

Most people do not realize that unwanted odors can be just as destructive to people and homes. Unpleasant odors are natures way of telling you sick building syndrome (SBS) is growing in your home. The body odor of live organisms is decreasing your property value. Pets, people, food and drink can leave behind living unwanted viral organisms and bacteria that can smell sour for years. Mold and bacteria feed off of one another. Sweat, saliva, blood and wastes can thrive throughout your home, in your cloths and vehicle. Note: We are available for crime scene purification.

A leaky faucet, condensation, spilled food/drinks, damp fabric, no air movement or no bathroom exhaust can activate SBS. Air conditioners are a primary point for mold growth to start and/or spread. Unwanted living organisms start out microscopic and as they grow, can be recognized as a spots on walls; discoloration in cabinets; water marks in ceilings; bacteria stains in cloths/fabric; dust around air ducts; or locker room odor in shoes/closets; then evolve or feed off one another and cultivate more toxic SBS. And you do not want to know about the eco-system living in your bed! Have you ever noticed that pillows and mattresses get heavier over the years? All these slowly drain the quality of life for you, your family and pets.

History has proven unwanted odors and stains of bacteria and mold can be difficult to eliminate. SBS can be carried in from unwanted pests that carry mold and bacteria on their legs. Decaying dead roaches (including behind the walls) contribute to major health issues for years. Smoking in the home or vehicle leaves behind over 3,600 cancer-causing toxins. SBS contaminants enter the body from cloths you wear throughout the day; inhalation; furniture and settling into the food you eat.

The odor of live organisms is a sign of decreasing property value. Mold and bacteria breaks down fabric, wood, plastic, leather, carpeting, grout and most of the items in our home. You may have seen the full effects of this reaching for stored items and they fall apart. Cracked caulking is often the start of mold and moisture seeping behind your walls; producing mold colonies behind walls and compounding your problems. The dust you see maybe mold settling in your home. The use of air fresheners and fragrances (many being allergen irritants and carcinogen) can be masking the growing problem. Your home and health issues will only get worse with time. Until recently, there was no true "Cure".

So many people have discovered this, without question, is the best method for truly killing mold, dander, pollen and all these contaminants in an entire structure including in the A/C system. Exceptional contractors looking out for your best interest recommend O2 Wizard's proven process in cases with no structure damage or as a finishing service after renovations and to save most contaminated household items. Even with immediate renovations from water intrusion and air scrubbers blowing in fresh air, the mold is still very much alive. Unsafe levels of mold and its musty odor inevitably will reoccur 1 - 5 years down the road. The O2 Wizard services are vital to prevent SBS. We are asked regularly if our machines are like ionizers, ozonators, air scrubbers, etc. Not even close! Our one-of-a-kind machines CAN NOT be compared to any other. We have never failed an after mold test. The green process will not harm food or items in your home and it truly works!

How long does it last? In our 12 years of service, almost all our repeat business is due to our customers moving to a new home. Many of our clients convey their wonderful relief, faster healing, increased energy and better spirits when their body can recover before too much permanent damage is done from poor indoor air quality. Clients love their healthy home for years after one treatment! O2 Wizard's service has been a News Journal feature story. Audiences are shocked with our entertaining knowledge we cheerfully share to prevent SBS. Our educational seminars are well received containing helpful info you will use everyday.

Homes with no power develop SBS. Sellers of vacant properties are spending more to cover up the problem then for us to cure it. Mold is microscopic and invisible. Some mistakenly use bleach on the visible excrement of larger colonies. Bleach is a whitener. It removes the colored potty, but can actually fuel the mold growth. Before turning on the power, call us to learn preventative steps to reduce the risk. We have helped dozens of property managers to extinguish issues.

When needing a Quote on Home Repairs, makes us your "Last Call". The most common quote we hear, "We wish we heard of you sooner, we would have saved so much!" It is incredibly less invasive and up to 99% cheaper then tear outs if caught in time. We have collectively saved properties owners over $9,000,000 on renovations and loss of personal items (smoke damage included) without returning! Our equipment takes about 1 - 3 hours to set up and 1/3 of the time to take out. We leave nothing behind. Your home or business is decontaminated and disinfected. It is the healthiest place to be.

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concern in your home, office or vehicle.

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